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Joss Whedon and George R. R. Martin walk into a bar. Everybody you love dies,
Then Steven Moffat walks in. Everybody comes back to life without explanation, re-affirms their heterosexuality, flirts with the main character and the feminist movement is set back 50 years

lulai33 asked:

jenn u r a massive butthole omf

J - Jump by Bangtan Boys

E - Every Time We Touch by Cascada 

N - No Limit by Zico

N - Nth Degree by Morning Wood

T - Thumbs Up by Crispi Crunch

H - High High by GD & TOP (i’m embarrassed)

E - Energetic by BoA

G - Get Up by EvoL

R - Rock It by Da Mouth

E - Eye of the Tiger by Survivor 

A - A by Rainbow

T - Top That by U-KISS

cactuzoz asked:
haley haley haley i freaking miss you *^* sorry. I Z Y

izy izy izy I miss you too!!! I hope you’re doing okay~~

I - I Remember (feat. Yoseob) by Bang Yongguk

Z - Zion by Tohoshinki

Y - You Know Me by Tasty (I AM SO SORRY)

BONUS: This Love by Shinhwa (bc that was the only Z one i had OTL)

90yfn asked:
C A R L E Y :)

C - Celebrate by M.I.B

A - All of This by Blink 182

R - Robbers by The 1975

L - Lollipop (feat. SHINee) by f(x)

E - Error: Operator by Taking Back Sunday

Y - You Got Me by Brother Su

xiahki asked:
O that looks interesting! Laura~

L - Lips by Miss A

A - Almost by Bowling for Soup

U - Up Down by Op. One

R - Run by MBLAQ

A - Allow Me to Introduce Myself… Mr. Right by The White Tie Affair

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